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DBS Marina Regatta 2019


Date : 31 May, 1 & 2 June 2019 

Venue : Marina Bay, Singapore

Distance : 200m

Enquiry :  admin@sdba.org.sg




Source : Singapore Dragon Boat Association


Video : DBS (YouTube)


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The 14th Sun Life Stanley Warm-Up Races

日期: 2019年5月4日 (星期六)


2019 永明金融赤柱龍舟錦標

Sun Life Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships 2019

日期: 2019年6月7日 (星期五)



The 18th Sun Life Hong Kong Short Course Races

日期: 2019年6月23日 (星期日)


比賽資料下載 Race Details Downloadwww.dragonboat.org.hk





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2019 Lamma 500

International Dragon Boat Festival


Race Date: 14 April 2019


Location: Tai Wan To Beach, Lamma Island, Hong Kong


Email for 2019 Team Registration:





Source: www.Lamma500.com


Photo: Seagods 

Facebook: Lamma500 


Video: Joey Liao (YouTube)




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第十四屆 IDBF 世界龍舟錦標賽

14th IDBF World Nations

Dragon Boat Racing Championships

Pattaya, Thailand, is known as “The Sleepless City” and Rayong is “The City of Fruits” 

The Royal Thai Navy Rowing and Canoeing Training Centre (RCTC) will be the host venue for the WDBRC. The 
RCTC rivals’ top facilities in the world with infrastructure exceeding current international standards for hosting, accessibility, and pristine water conditions. It includes a top-quality start system and an international standard course. The RCTC is located at the end of the 5 km Bang Phai Reservoirs. With its basin-like
characteristics the RCTC will be the perfect venue for the competition. 


Official Invitation


Bulletin No. 1 


Source: IDBF / USDBF



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愛龍一族 (小龍賽)

DB Lovers 2019 




Date : 28-4-2019

地點 Venue : 西貢沙下海灣對出海面

賽程 Distance : 250 m 



Video: Super Lam 愛龍一族 2018 (YouTube)

Source: DB Lovers 愛龍一族



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